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Etsako is in Edo State, Nigeria.
The location of Edo State is on the map in the picture.
A more detailed map of Edo State is above, see Etsako on the map.
I would really have liked to post a detailed map of Etsako west, but I could not find it anywhere on the web and I can't really create a map since I am not a Geologist/Geographist.
So I'll just write what I know about the
 place from inquiring about it and from reading.

Local Government Areas in Edo State.

No long story here, there are 18 LGAs;
  1.  Etsako East
  2.  Etsako West
  3. Etsako Central
  4.  Owan East
  5.  Owan West
  6.  Esan North-East
  7.  Esan South-East
  8.  Esan Central
  9.  Esan West
  10.  Ovia North-East
  11.  Ovia South-East
  12.  Orhionwom
  13. Uhunmwonde
  14. Egor
  15.  Akoko Edo
  16.  Igueben
  17.  Oredo
  18.  Ikpoba-Okha

Initially, there used to exist only a single Local Government area of Etsako, it was later divided into three different parts in order for there to be effective administration of the area.
Etsako LGA was divided into the three LGAs which individually, are composed of the following towns/communities/clans:

Etsako West
  1. Auchi
  2. Ozairue/Jattu
  3. Agbede
  4. Anwain
  5. Iyaro/Ivbiaro
  6. South Ibie
  7. Afashio
  8. Awiele/Aviele/Ugioli
  9. Warrake
The District Headquaters of Etsako West is at Auchi.

Etsako East
  1. Agenebode
  2. Oshiolo 
  3. Iviagbapue 
  4. Imiiakebu 
  5. Afana 
  6. Imiegba 
  7. Itsukwi 
  8. Ayogwiri 
  9. Emokweme 
  10. Ekwothor 
  11. Iviukhua 
  12. Okpella 
  13. Okpekpe 
  14. Iviebua 
  15. Ibie 
  16. Weppa Wanno
The District Headquaters of Etsako East is at Agenebode.

Etsako Central 
  1. Fugar 
  2. Anegbette 
  3. Udochi 
  4. Ogbona
The Ditrict Headquaters of Etsako Centrl is at Fugar.

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